Feature image from : Eirik and Stian

Eirik and Stian are gearing up for an untraditional opening set that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Equipped with a captivating assortment of acoustic, electroacoustic, and digital instruments, samplers and computers, they skillfully navigate through controlled feedback systems, adding an extra layer of intrigue and innovation to their performance.

Their musical journey began years ago when they first crossed paths at conservatory, and since then, they have shared countless memorable nights performing together at various venues across Norway. Eirik’s expertise lies in his remarkable skills as a versatile keyboard and piano player, lending his talents to a multitude of projects. Meanwhile, Stian has established himself as a seasoned music producer, honing his craft under the moniker “+plattform” for over a decade. Their combined experience and unique musical backgrounds contribute to the dynamic and innovative sound they bring to their performances.