Volunteer and Crew Information

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No volunteers, no Monument Festival. Thank you ❤️ We will for sure have an amazing time together in Veggli!

Our values:

  • Inclusive
  • Sustainable
  • Creative
  • Forward leaning
  • High quality

Remember to live by them at the festival.

Before the festival

  1. Book a spot on the volunteer buses by July 11th. Click the link, click “Edit” to go to your registration form, and fill out the questions about departure and arrival. UPDATE: There is still a few spots on the bus up on Thursday, and the bus down on Monday.
  2. Download the InitLive app (now called Bloomerang Volunteer). You can get it from Google Play or App Store. We will use it to check you in to your shifts and for safety-related information.
  3. Join the volunteers & crew WhatsApp group. It will be used for informal information and questions during the festival.
  4. Check the list of prohibited items and the packing list. Last year it was 5 degrees celsius during the night, so bring proper warm clothes, just in case.
  5. June 1st: Digital meeting with everyone involved in the festival.
  6. June 25th: Shift selection deadline. Log in to InitLive, and review your selection. The shifts will be locked after this day.

Shift selection guidelines

  • Your selected shifts are the ones you get. They are not just a list of wishes where some of them will be approved by Monument organisers. In other words, when you are signed up to a shift, we count on you to show up, so make sure to only be signed up to shifts you intend on taking.
  • Before the festival, August 2nd to August 4th: 3x 8 hours shifts.
  • During the festival, August 5th to August 7th: 2x 6 hours shifts. Approximately. Some shifts can be shorter and that’s ok.
  • As a rule of thumb, if you work during the festival, you should take one day or evening shift (some shift happening between 09-21) and one night shift (21-03) to make sure nobody needs to take two night shifts.
  • We prefer if you take two shifts within the same team/role, as you won’t need training for two different teams that way. However, you are free to select two completely different types of shifts if you want to.

How to see all available shifts? 1) Log in to InitLive. 2) Click “Edit”. 3) Select all roles on the role selection page. 4) Now you should see every remaining open shift on the shift selection page.

A map of the festival in 2022. An updated version will come shortly.


Volunteer buses leave on Thursday 3rd at 16:00 from the parking space in front of the main entrance to the Norwegian Opera and Ballet in Oslo. Make sure to be there 30 minutes in advance for efficient check-in, so the bus can leave on time. Other traveling options are at your own responsibility and cost. 

Are you arriving Tuesday August 1st or Wednesday August 2nd to help with the festival setup, we encourage you to take the train to Kongsberg, then bus from Kongsberg to Risteigen. https://entur.no/ is helpful.

If the buses or public transportation don’t work for you, there are two new options for you to find someone to car share with: 1) Use the “festival transportation thread” in the MNMT Family Group on Facebook. 2) Use the volunteers&crew Whatsapp group.

To do on arrival:

  1. Check in at the parking area (1-2 on the map) to get your wristband and volunteer button.
  2. Baggage check (4 on the map). Make sure not to bring any prohibited items (see below).
  3. Put up your tent, campervan or other sleeping option. If you have rented a lavvo, the Info Desk (5 on the map) will guide you.


Volunteer buses leave on Monday 7th at 12:00 and Tuesday 8th at 12:00 from the festival parking lot. Other options are at your own responsibility and cost.

Car parking

As a volunteer, you still need to purchase a parking ticket if you bring your car. This is because we only have a limited number of parking spots, and want to encourage everyone to use public transportation for environmental reasons. Please try to make use of our free volunteer/crew bus service or use public transportation if you can’t. If you absolutely have to come by car, make sure you fill it up with passengers.


For communicating during the festival, we will use volunteers & crew WhatsApp group. The team leaders may also make separate groups per team, to avoid every single detailed question being squished into a single big chat.

Volunteer barbeque, merch and training

Thursday 3rd at 19:30 we organize a barbeque for all volunteers. We highly encourage you to join! We will all meet, greet and eat. Some general information about the festival will also be given.

In addition, at the barbeque, you will get the chance to buy this year’s merch for half the price. Just saying.

Early Friday 4th there will be brief team-wise training sessions.

Volunteer area and meals

At the volunteer area (6 on the map), you can get coffee, tea and meet other volunteers. All meals are also served here—breakfast, lunch and dinner. Note that all the hot meals for crew and volunteers are vegetarian.

Are you helping before the festival, you get all meals every day during the setup period. If you are helping during the festival, you get one meal per shift.

To see your assigned meals, look up your shifts in InitLive. Your shift will have a tag marked with what meal you will get that day. Those of you who have night shifts from around 2-8 or 3-9 will get dinner the evening before the night shift begins. Due to tight meal planning, you cannot get free meals outside your assigned ones.

Meals are served August 1st–7th at set times.

  • Breakfast: 08:00–10:00
  • Lunch: 13:30–15:00
  • Dinner: 19:00–20:30

Shift routines

15 minutes before your shift, show up at the shift location specified in InitLive to check in with your shift leader. If you are not sure where to meet up, approach the Info desk.

If you cannot make your shift, inform your team leader asap. Sudden absence from your responsibilities is going to cause an impact on others.

Always wear your volunteer button (or other outfit decided by your team leader) while on a shift so guests know you are working.

Be friendly. Smile. Don’t run. Be sober. Be respectful towards everyone. If you see prohibited items, report to security. Pick up litter. 

Health and safety

Before going to the festival, if you’re not well, contact your team leader and stay at home if required.

Make sure you know the health and safety rules, attend training and ask your team leader if you have any questions. 

If you observe any inappropriate behavior, drug abuse and sexual harassment report to your team leader or one of the professional security guards immediately.

In the case of an emergency, follow the instructions and guide everyone to the emergency gathering point (20 on the map).

Help anyone in need, and contact Medic for support (phone number below).

Prohibited items

  • Alcoholic drinks + other liquids (you can fill your water bottle several places at the festival and also buy lots of stuff to drink from the bars)
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Drugs/illegal substances
  • Animals/pets
  • Glass objects (bottles, glasses etc.)
  • Burners (primus, gas canisters etc.)
  • Spray paint
  • Megaphones and other noisy objects
  • Drones
  • Umbrellas and other pointy objects
  • Sound systems/loudspeakers/ghetto blasters

Please note: It is a part of our policy that no outside drinks are allowed into the festival. And beverages may only be purchased from our bar. This means they are restricted to the festival area only and no drinks are allowed in the camping area.

Lost and found

Deliver lost & found items to the Info desk.

Clean-up and after-party

On Monday 7th we clean up the entire festival area apart from Haven (chill-out area). When every single trace of us is gone, all volunteers who have helped cleaning are invited to an after-party to celebrate what we have created together! 

To help with clean-up, sign up to the “Full festival clean-up” shift in InitLive. You _need_ a spot on this shift to be allowed to help with clean-up and join the after-party. This shift is in addition to the required 2-3 shifts before or during the festival.

Opening hours

Area Friday Saturday Sunday
Stage 17:00-03:00 10:30-03:00 10:00-00:00
Volunteer 08:00-03:00 08:00-03:00 08:00-03:00
Parking 12:00-22:00 09:00-18:00 10:00-16:00
Hot showers 09:00-11:0015:00-18:00 10:00-16:00 10:00-16:00
Cold showers 24/7 24/7 24/7
Info desk 12:00-21:00 09:00-20:00 09:00-18:00
First aid 24/7 24/7 24/7

Contact information

Who Area Phone
Hallvard Health and safety +4797580369
Josef Medic / first aid +4746663966
Martin Volunteers +4798842616
Anita Lost and found +447926228347

For questions regarding your shifts and tasks, contact your team leader ☀️

More information

See the general information page: https://2023.festival.mnmt.no/information/